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Kajabi provides an all-in-one platform to expand your creative business online. Offering everything from course creation and marketing tools, this allows you to launch your creative venture much quicker.

Kajabi allows you to sell digital downloads like audio and video lessons while managing existing users by tracking purchased offers, product access and email notifications.


Kajabi offers many features to assist in the creation and management of a business, from online courses and marketing campaigns to sales and support. Furthermore, its automation tools can automate tasks while increasing engagement – including email marketing triggers, forms, video content delivery platforms (VDP) webinars. Finally, integrations with third-party platforms open up more customization options.

Kajabi forms allow you to add double opt-in functionality, customize form fields to collect additional contact details, edit thank you pages and set automations that direct customers after completing forms to specific pages or email sequences. In addition, Kajabi allows you to collect custom order amounts, modify service agreements, edit testimonials and publish other forms content such as testimonials.

This platform also includes a community feature, which enables users to build environments where they can collaborate and learn together. Real-time communication such as newsfeeds and chats facilitate real-time conversation while accountability tools help track progress tracking. Live video calls promote direct face-to-face engagement while software records these interactions to share them with audiences later on.

Kajabi makes creating customized web pages easy without the need for code knowledge. Their website builder features various blocks that stack like Lego bricks to form web pages; then text, photos, and colors can be changed to match your brand for an immersive user experience for customers and visitors.

Kajabi’s website builder is an intuitive and customizable solution that offers templates designed for creating various types of online courses and memberships, from self-paced, drip, or cohort based offerings.

Built into this software are payment interfaces compatible with both Stripe and PayPal, giving your business access to a wider audience and additional revenue streams. Furthermore, third-party applications can also be integrated to expand reach and enhance marketing efficiency.


Kajabi is a content marketing platform that empowers its users to create online courses and other digital products easily, including learning programs and coaching services. Furthermore, Kajabi features free and paid features such as website builders, video creation tools, email marketing software solutions and much more – making this a fantastic solution for influencers, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Kajabi provides fully responsive themes that are easily accessible across any device, while email broadcast tools enable you to send emails directly to customers and monitor campaign performance, providing detailed reports about page views, opt-ins and other metrics. Furthermore, Kajabi features a chat support feature that enables direct customer communication.

Kajabi offers another advantage with its email analytics technology. This tool shows how many people have clicked your links, helping you track the success of email broadcasts. Ultimately, this enables you to develop and implement effective email marketing strategies and increase sales.

Kajabi stands out as an economical content marketing platform in terms of pricing. Its Basic plan costs only $149 monthly or you can subscribe annually and boasts no transaction fees compared to competitors who charge approximately 5%.

Kajabi offers several pricing plans as well as a free trial period that lets you experience its services before committing to them. This trial period gives you an excellent way to determine whether Kajabi meets your needs and allows you to assess its quality as well as evaluate its value for money.

Kajabi offers 24/7 customer support to assist with any issues or challenges you might be having, through phone, email and live chat. Plus there’s also a community of fellow creators available to provide answers when necessary. Furthermore, their features are designed to attract and retain more customers – for instance full page checkout allows customers to purchase your product without leaving the page; upsells/downsells options; tracking cart abandonment for follow up; plus tracking cart abandonment to recover potential sales opportunities!

Customer support

Kajabi is an inclusive platform designed to assist creators and entrepreneurs monetize their knowledge, skills, and expertise. While Kajabi provides plenty of benefits, it does come with its share of challenges – so the platform provides several support options like one-on-one/group calls/live webinars/blogs to assist users through them all – these options provide assistance from beginners all the way up to experienced entrepreneurs alike.

Customer support is an integral component of a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, serving to assist customers through both pre-sale and post-sale journeys with your product. This may involve addressing technical issues while also providing education through tutorials or knowledge bases documentation.

Kajabi stands out from other SaaS companies by having a dedicated team focused on improving customer experience and helping users become successful with its platform. Furthermore, this team strives to reduce response times to tickets by using Forethought as an organization tool that prioritizes and manages them effectively.

Kajabi uses Forethought software to customize their support forms and gather vital customer information more efficiently. They can customize this form so it asks specific questions related to a business or industry and this information helps identify any root causes of issues as well as enhance products and services provided by Kajabi.

Kajabi provides their users with additional support by hosting Q&A webinars with experts, which are usually recorded and made available later. Not only can these webinars teach users more about Kajabi itself but they can also provide important information regarding best practices and other useful topics.

Kajabi’s support team is constantly looking for innovative ways to meet customer needs. They take special interest in accommodating those new to entrepreneurship who may not yet be familiar with its software; thus they created their Plan Program, which offers entrepreneurs hands-on instruction for creating an online business.


Kajabi offers users with access to its platform an assortment of integrations that enable them to connect their favorite third-party apps and plugins seamlessly, further enriching user experiences while automating certain processes for businesses. Some integrations are offered free of charge; popular examples are Stripe and PayPal payment processor integration as well as use with special checkout platforms like SamCart.

Use these integrations to quickly create and launch a funnel with just a few clicks. Our website builder also features an intuitive visual drag-and-drop editor for making changes on the front end. Plus, use a custom theme to personalize it even more!

Kajabi offers more features beyond these basic ones, including integrations with marketing and user experience tools as well as checkout platforms dedicated to selling physical products. Furthermore, there’s an inbuilt page builder designed specifically to create landing pages and email funnels; an advantage especially useful for businesses seeking to increase online sales.

Kajabi offers another great feature to monitor the performance of your website: Google Analytics integration allows you to see how visitors engage with it and identify their preferences and behaviors, providing invaluable data that you can use to enhance marketing strategies and increase traffic to your site.

Kajabi offers seamless ecommerce integrations with several platforms, including Shopify and Amazon. Their integrations are user-friendly and offer various features, including product catalogs and customer management tools.

Kajabi is an extensive platform designed to enable entrepreneurs and creators to monetize their expertise, knowledge, and skills. However, learning the ropes can be daunting for newcomers; therefore, an experienced web development and design agency such as Graphem Solutions may help. They specialize in Kajabi development with experience building websites for clients of all sizes across a wide variety of industries – so make your next move today with them!

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